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have a great weekend everybody. >> north texas hasn't had a chance to come to grips with the tornados that tore through and killing six people and now more woild weather on the way for the lone star state and a large chunk of the country. the irs now finds itself on the receiving end of scutny as the scand will grows. co-chair of the tea party said it is just the tip of the iceberg. and the investigation in the benghazi attack focuses on the independent review board. the house oversight committee wants ambassador pickering to tell how the obama's vow of the attack was done. hello, i am uma, live from the america's news head quarers in
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the nation's capitol starts right now. the growing irs scandal is putting the agency and leadership on the hot seat. the official who once led that unit targeting conservative groups has another job and one that could impact every american. she is in charge with handling the irs's implementation of obama care. >> democrats said there is no evidence that sarah ingram knew groups were targeted by the irs. but conservative groups said show was the head of the part of the agency and now sounding the alarm. this is how ingram's sal row increased and the bonuses she received when show took over the tax exemption business in two
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whwhere are 09. they are questioning now why she will make decisions about obama care. >> if we learned anything this week theires needs less power and not more. it turns out the irs official that oversaw the part is now in charge of obama care office. you kent make this stuff up. >> democrats said joseph graham didn't find out until six months after ingram was a signed to the different division. >> you are satisfied with miss ingram in charge of the irs responsibilities? >> i heard show has a high degree of professionalism and not in a position of responsibility over the actions. >> the outgoing irs acting commissioner stephen miller
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pushed out because of the scandal called ingram a superb sufficiently service. show will provide the same horrendous customer service implementing obama care as she did managing the tax exempt office. ntea party express chairman amy crammer said it is a symptom of a larger issue. great to have you here. >> letty talk about what is at play. i know the tea party groups are planning to sue the government. are you going to join them? >> we are not. we were not targeted. but this is going on for a long time and i am glad it has come to light and the american people see what is going on. and i don't think congress will let it go. it will not be swept under the rug. >> how would you characterize the hearings that was filled with a lot of drama yesterday?
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>> it was very contentious. the irs, miller acted like he was bothered and irritated that he had to be there and answer to congress. it is like they are above the law. we cannot allow them to continue down the path. it is not only the irs. like you said in the introduction, i think it is a symptom of a disease. and we can't just treat the symptoms, we have to eradicate the disease. the class action lawsuit for acessing medical records that they are not allowed to acess and. they will be in charge of all of our health care? how can they be trusted. >> what is the reaction of the individual in charge of implementing obama care and given promotions and one came from the bush administration while show served at that time.
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and given that fact how do you so it play out? >> they were paid taxpayer bonuses. and i think there will be efforts to make sure she is not in charge. i don't understand how anybody can trust the irs to over sea obama care when they have released confidential information to organization propublica. and are they release our private medical records? this is a huge abuse of power. you cannot convince me it was not done for political reasons. how far are they going to go? this is not just about tea party versus obama or the irs. this affects every single american in this country. it could be a republican president in the white house abusing power and using one of
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the burr crazy. they done think it was illegal when pressed on that matter. >> it is not illegal to request private donor. they are asking what is said in prayers and back hand acess to westbound sites. how can this not be illegal. we have rights as americans and there is no other burr crazy in the american government that intimidates more than the irs. they will be in charge of taxes and health care? you are hearing a lot of people calling for a flat tax because of this. they have the power because they collect our tax dollars.
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that's all that gives them power. it is something to be dealt with and i hope that obama care is a huge issue and part of this. and i don't think congress will let it go and be swept under the rug. >> appreciate it. >> it is one of three scandals dogging the obama administration. they are trying to get to the bottom of the benghazi attack. and now house oversite chairman darril issa wants them to meet behind closed doors before he testifies. they are joining us. nissuing a subpeona. darril issa is hoping for more transparency and writing in part to thomas pickering, your
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refusal to allow staff to interview you is inconsistent with your tough and transparent. i hope you reconsider. ine before the subpona became public a member of the house voiced concern that politics may have provided a lapse in security. >> when i was on the ground i heard from the people in tripoli. they had to hire a mobile phone salesman to do security. >> the subpeona is a stark example of extreme republican overreach and the shameful politicalization of a tragedy. republicans remain focused on getting their hands on more information. suchs video surveillance and the gap and the white house talking points release. speaker john boehner is urging
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the administration to reveal all communication in the hours after the attack. uma, back it you. >> the oversight member tray dou doubty is key. >> thank you for having me. ndo you think that ambassador pickering will give the information that is kreticcal to the investigation andio hillary clinton was never questioned for the inquiry? >> that is one of the first things to ask the ambassador. i want to know if he talked to all of the survivors. uma, there are people with firsthand knowledge. i mean, people on the ground in benghazi and know what happened. the security, and what happened in the siege and the aftermath. ambassador pickering was not one
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of those people in benghazi. but if you are chairing the accountability review board. i subpeona is nothing more than to show up. if he would come be deposed privately. and the fact we have to subpeona an independent and accountable should be instructive as well. nin the e-mail document there is a gap that we don't have the e-mails detailing the first crucial days after the attack. >> they are going to release as many details, as few details and e-mails to get the scandal to go away and maybe the media will focus on the ap or irs scandal.
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it is eight months, uma from an administration that will move heaven and earth to get to the bottom of benghazi and we have huge gaps. i think it is instructive that the defense changed from one of nefarrous intent to one of gross incompetence. and the other thing that is instruct and i have informative. yes, we misled you and lied to you but not the reasons you think. if that is your defense yes, we lied but not for the reasons you think. you have problems in the administration. i want to know everything that understand in benghazi and why the security was not in place. and i want to know whether there were assets on the way to benghazi when the siege ended. and i want to know who told susanne rice to go on the five sunday morning talk shows
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because secretary of state clinton should have been the one to do that. >> there was no mention of the youtube video. we don't know who was responsible for cooking up the idea and why it was used. >> no, we don't. there is no one left in the western hemisphere that thinks that the video had going to do with the attack in benghazi. keep that in mind. it was not only susanne rice. jay carney spokes person for the lead world said he had concrete evidence it was the video and the president went before the united nation and decried the video. and secretary of state, and this is important from a human stand point when you tell the parents and family members of the four
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murdered americans, and when you mention the video to them and when you don't have and evidence to support the video being connected to those murderers that is reprehensible. we know the video had nothing to do with it. and where that came from, we don't know but we are going to find out. >> congressman gowdy, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> north korea is ramping up the tepgzs. north korea fired three missiles in the eastern waters according to a south korea official. the purpose of the launch is not known. pongya ngy routinely fires missiles. nand the fbi executes a warrant
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in washington. the ricin letters were intercepted. and there are no illness connected to thelers and searching for the sender. >> national transportation safety board on the scone of a crash in two commuter trains in connecticut. 70 people were injured three critically when the trains collided in rush hour yesterday. the connecticut governor said it may be monday before full service is restored. amtrak has suspended service between new york and boston indefinitely. >> it only takes $2 to dream big. the jackpot is 600 million and growing. it is a long shot. the chances are roughly in 175 million.
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michelle is live in clofis, california with all of the stories of people who are dreaming and hoping to hit the big jackpot. >> michelle? >> hi, uma, even though the chances are slim to win the jackpot that is not topping people buying the tickets. they are hoping to win the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. last month california was the largest state to play and joined 42 other states. california so far is helping the jackpot grow. they solid 83 million in ticket sales. the lottery officials believe it will be growing until tonight. and people across the country are saying what they would do if they had a chance to win that big bucks.
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>> take a listen >> save a bit and go on a shopping spree. >> give money to my workerce and i give money to my friends. >> i would like to take care of the homeless. ntake care of my kids and church. >> now it costs two pucks a ticket and all you need is five lucky numbers and a lucky power ball to win. if there is no winners tonight, the jackpot will grow to $1 billion. and so those of you who haven't bought the tickets yet. get out there. you might be the lucky winner, uma. >> i know a lot of folks in the studio bought their tickets and i have mine. we'll see what happens to see if we hit the jackpot ourselves. thank you very much.
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>> president obama's white house is mired in scandal. we'll talk to former president bush's chief of staff who will be here to offer concerns as the president is described in the media as a by tanneder. andy card will join us. >> and a volcano erupted and we'll tell you where and what it looks like. governor rick perry is calling the damage incomprehensible. and the incredible devastation hit hard by the tornados and get the forecast from janice dean who said more trouble is on the way. stay with us. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones. and the brand most recommended by... my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal.
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>> take a look at incredible image. alaska's volcano shooting an ash cloud 15,000 feet in the air. the erupgz started on monday and the last erupgz understand in 200 sen and lasted 29 days then. the mountain sits 600 miles southwest of anchor age. it is a very tough scene for
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resident in grand bury, texas. they are doing what they can to pick up the pieces after a powerful tornado levelled that town this week. governor rick perry called it incomprehensible. more than a dozen tornados rolled through north texas. six people died. and a large portion of the country are under a severe weather threat once again. including north texas. here's more on the forecast. janice, more trouble on the way? >> yes, it is a several day event. if you live in tornado alley, you need to be on alert especially because we think that the tornados could come at night in the overnight when people are sleeping. have the weather radio on and be alert. we'll see tornado watches and warnings this evening. all of the ingredients coming
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together for a serear weather outbreak and including damaging and destructive tornados, that is our threat today. north texas to the midwest. red is where we have the most problemably for tornados and long track tornados and then in sunday. over night in to sunday. it doesn't move in the material u.s. again. all of the focus will come together. if you live in yellow shaded area you could see tornado watches and warnings and then in monday, on heavily populated evens as well. if you live in the central u.s. be on alert. and attaches are warm a head of the cold front. all of the ingredients we need will come throughout the day and overnight and sunday. one of the main dpred greds, moisture and dew points and the
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area is saturated and 65 or 75 degrees that is moisture that we need it feed the thorps. it is going to exist today, tonight and sunday and monday. uma, a dangerous event that could unfold and we'll keep you posted from the fox news extreme weather center. >> the irs scandal has many conservative political groups boiling mad and some of those targeted are striking back. we'll tell you how. the obama administration is suffering through what some are calling the second term plague. can he pull his agenda through while dealing with three controversies. we'll talk to president bush's former chief of staff, andy card. and canada talking to immigrants in texas having visa trouble. next. why are twice as many people choosing verizon
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rick perry katy per
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>> welcome back everybody. we'll look at the stories making news at this hour. more fallout from the irs scandal. more than a dozen tea party groups planning to sue the internal revenue service. they will likely file suit on behalf of the groups that were charging they were targeted and had tax at that timeus delayed or denied. and a plane forced to make a belly landing. the jet ended up sliding down a full runway as the crew could not get the landing gore to come down. none of the 31 passengers or crew members on board were injured. nall eyes will be on orb.
12:30 pm
the kentucky derby winner is a even money favorite. it would set up a triple crown prize for the belmont stakes. that is a look at the headlines making news at this moment. you can read the history and draw your own conclusions. my concern is making sure if there is a problem in the government we fix it. that's my responsibility and what we will do. that's true with respect to the irs and making sure that they apply the laws the way they were intended and that is true with respect to the security of our diplomats and which is why we will work with congress to make sure there is adequate funding for what is necessary out there. >> president obama reacting to
12:31 pm
comparisons some made between him and former president nixon who was brought down by the watergate scandal. the white house is playing defense on the three scandal. irs, benghazi and ap. there is questions about what impact this will have on the president's leadership? joining us with thoughts on this is former chief of staff to president george bush,andy carr. >> i am so thrilled to be here and yes, second terms do create college challenges. >> they do. you had a front row seat to history of course and you know what impact a crisis can have on the white house. there is drama of course. and as these scandals unfold there is a lot of talk that the president is a by stander than
12:32 pm
a leader. your reaction to that? >> i hope president obama is just as outraged as america is about what happened in the irs. that is outrageous no matter your political stripe and partisan nature and if i los foe. and i hope he is angry he was misled about the facts in benghazi. maybe he was not told the truth in benghazi and i hope he is angry on that. and he has a responsibility to lead the country and i expect the chief of staff appropriately told the white house do your job and don't let the investigations and scandals concern you. you do the job and help the president follow-through on the a gend a. i don't agree with the agenda but i know dennis mcdona
12:33 pm
ugh wants the staff to stay on tack at hand. the white house counsel is primarily concerned with the investigations. and i hope president obama has told the staff, cooperate with every single investigation, and take your lead from the white house counsel's office and don't gossip and don't answer questions that are inappropriate. and i hope there is a lot of internal discipline in the white house and they should take the investigations seriously and recognize there is outrage of what happened in the irs. and great questions of what happened in benghazi. and the president and everyone in the white house should want to get to the truth and understand what happened in benghazi and understand why it understand the way it did in the irs. >> it is interesting to note
12:34 pm
that the times and post which are supportive of the president are concerned over what is concerned about a passive president who knows little of what is going on. from your experience in the white house, how do you assess what is happening with the inner circle? . >> well is gossip and angst with the staffers in the white house. it is up to the chief of staff and i think he is doing a good job at this. keep the staff focused and not distracted by the investigations that are taking place. but he has the responsibility to make sure everyone cooperates with the investigations consistent with the separation of powers article 1 and 2 and that is up to the white house counsel to offer guidance to that. it is a tense time.
12:35 pm
there is a lot of rumors and innuendo and coffee talk. but they should focus on their job. the president has 24 two- year terms. and the responsibility. >> let me jump in. >> i hear you and let me ask you in the short time we have left. we hear over and over again, that the president learned about the irs scandal from the news report and didn't know about the justice department probe on the ap and the cover up with the y soy -- cia and doesn't this raise questions about his comp tense in leadership. >> it raises questions for me certainly. i suspect they anyhow -- about all of those things.
12:36 pm
they would be informed about the concerns in the irs and the national security counsel knew more about the benghazi situation that we have acknowledged by the white house and the white house counsel's office knew about the justice's department decision to expand their request for information from associated press and their investigation there of a loc. leaks are outrageous. i want the justice department to respect the traditional rights of the media. and i also believe that someone in the white house anyhow about all of those things and i don't know if the information went up to the president, but that is a question that needs to be asked. >> andy ca rr. thank you for your perspective. >> thank you. the united states doesn't want to keep these people, we'll take them. >> the bill board is sending
12:37 pm
a message to immigrants. head to canada. start up visa is the idea that silicon valley pitched to congress. and canada borrowing the concept and ran with it. start up visa for those who start businesses in canada and the other requirement is a year in college. >> here are the stories that caught our eye this week. we'll share one that gets the most votes from our viewers. a robber locks up a homeowner in a gun closest and find out how it ends. to which bacon. how the smell of bacon forced a restaurant to close its doors. and the honeymoon is over. will they live happily ever after the groom's prostitution
12:38 pm
bust? and precious video of a dad returning from the war and gives his daughter the surprise of her life. to vote go to fox nhq. >> and the continuing controversy. and they have served our country well. they have sprps of turning on the battlefield. how they are doing it, next. [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars.
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tell you about. for our veterans. warren don't community viper program helping to transform military experience into a degree. molly has more on this. >> hi, uma, the men and women of the armed fores give so much and learn so much in the armed services of the nation. now the college is giving back to the brave solidiers and creating a program that gives credit where credits are do you. they call the program viper. through viper veterans are eligible to receive 45 credits for the military training and apply that to their degree. many schools offer similar benefits, but viper goes farther than most. military service members can graduate with an associate degree if one semester. >> a lot of people are captaining pack and been in
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active doubt and rebuild cities and count rows and had techinal and high- tech education and what happens, they come back and looking to deputy in to civilian life and looking to get a job. >> the first two graduates of the viper program received their degrees today. christina, a national combat medic and adam, who served in the marines earned degrees. and burrows hopes to open her holistic center. and adams wants to be a state troper. they are grateful for the tunes. >> i think every school should have a program like this. every school around because it is very hard to transition. >> the viper program helped me to feel like i was recognized for all of the service and sacrifice that i had to go through. that motivated me to excel in school.
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>> and warren don't community college offers many courses on line. they can earn their degrees while stationed anywhere in the world. >> that is a fantastic program, thank you very much. >> the saga of a maryland 7-year-old suspended from school for nibbling a pastry poi gun. john was suspended in march for chewing a pop ta rt in the shape of the woman. they will change the wording of the suspension, pu josh's father said that is not acceptable because it could affect his future. >> he gets out of school and deputies for a jb or clearance and they are like you threatened to shoot member in the second x-rayed. >> the attorneys are saying that the suspension was a mistake and
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>> it is inexcuse sxablam angry. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs. given the power that it has and
12:51 pm
the reach that it has in all of our lives. >> uma: welcome back. from benghazi to the irs, to the ap texas rangers been a very rough week for the president. legislative agenda takes a back seat as his administration goes into damage control. and that has many questioning how effective the president's second term will be. joining us now with his take, juan williams, great to see you. >> thank you. >> uma: on this saturday. let's talk about the fact that we're seeing this week, for example, op ed pieces from the "new york times," articles from the "washington post," basically piling on this president. even the article in the "new york times" calling haim bystander, basically someone who checked out and not going to have any hope of getting anything passed this second term with this congress. >> no, i don't think that's true that they won't have any chance of getting anything passed. but i think the bystander comment cuts deeply because lots of people see this president lacking in the kind of aggressive, forward leadership
12:52 pm
style that people associate with the president of the united states. and they wonder if he is too much of a laid back, cool president who is always look for a way to bring people together rather than to lead people. of course, this all reminds us of that phrase, leading from behind, which the white house said nobody ever stood on their record. but it stuck to this president for a reason, which is people see him as laid back. >> uma: this editorial, for example, pulling out a little quote here, he said, mr. obama more thanked from a heated campaign with renewed confidence that he could shape the next fewer years with activist government for a force for good, but the controversies of recent days reinforced fears of an overreaching government while calling into question mr. obama's ability to master his own presidency. this from the "new york times." >> right. they went on to say, where is the vision? okay. give us a vision. give us a sense of where you're going, what you're doing. this is a president who ran on hope and change. where is the hope and change? but, it's interesting, this week
12:53 pm
you heard and this was in the "new york times," that the president is threatening to pull a bulwark, which is a long forgotten movie, but he would speak and really tell people what's on his mind. if you recall back at the white house correspondence dinner, he said there is liberal fantasy from a lot of the columnists who say, why aren't you more like the american president, like michael douglas? he said, don't forget, that was an aaron sorkin fantasy. i'm dealing with a obstructionist congress that's very real. but you ask the bottom line question for me, which is what about that second term agenda? what you see is they are focusing on regulatory steps they can take without congressional action. immigration hopes. nothing is guaranteed, but looks like that will be suck secretariful and a did she -- successful accomplishment for the president and the budget. maybe incentive for a deal for republicans. energy, on the other hand, which
12:54 pm
is another major item on his agenda, does not look like there is much hope because republicans don't want to spend the money. >> uma: also really quickly, obamacare. that's coming into the spotlight in a big way because of the accusations at the person in charge of it was also responsible for being involved with the scandal that's underway right now. >> at the irs. >> uma: yes. >> of course, i think republicans are still trying to fight the reality that they can't overturn obamacare because the democratic control of the senate and the fact that president is in the white house, he'll veto any such thing. but what you have is consistent, like rain outside our door this saturday is that there is a consistent drum beat from obamacare. >> uma: great to see you n thank you. >> uma: it's like living a dream. a barbie malibu dream, you are not going to believe this pink slice of paradise. take a look. that's next. the viewers choice award, we'll tell you the story that you
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picked coming next. stay with us woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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>> uma: well, take a look. for many girls, it's a dream come true. barbie's malibu dream house now a life size reality in berlin. the 27,000-foot pink palace showcases barbie's kitchen, make-up and wardrobe. of course, protesters are saying the house symbolizes sexism and shallow materialism. we report and you decide. time for the story that our viewers picked at home. three would be burglars broke into a houston man's home and locked him in the closet. that's the winner. unfortunately for the burglars, the closet was where the man kept his gun collection. next thing you know, he's broken out and armed and dangerous.wne, shooting one of the robbers who was later arrested. the other two ran away. thanks for voting. don't worry if your favorite wasn't picked. they'll be

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